Migrating Culture Crossing


What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

To put it simply, real estate crowdfunding is where many people decide to purchase real estate together. In this scenario, we will all purchase our home at the same time to receive better pricing.

Most people have undoubtedly heard of popular crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo. However, most people are unfamiliar with real estate crowdfunding where you apply the same principal to fund large building projects.

Trying to build a single home at a time is rarely profitable unless you charge a huge premium. However, if you contract to build many homes simultaneously you can significantly reduce the cost of each home due to economies of scale. Using the collective efforts of real estate crowdfunding, Migrating Culture will be able to substantially reduce the cost and those savings will be passed to our customers. 

However, it’s not as simple as having many customers all agree to build simultaneously. Doing that alone would not give us enough savings to justify giving customers so much value at such low price. To understand how we can manage to get the additional savings we need to talk about Henry Ford who improved car manufacturing using an assembly line approach to significantly improve vehicle manufacturing. Between 1908 to 1915 the price of Ford vehicles fell from $950 to $400 or approximately 58% because Ford’s new method of manufacturing vehicles allowed the company to manufacture many more of them. 

We will employ the same methodology to develop Migrating Culture Crossing Sustainable Community. In addition we will be using technology to help us achieve our goal of building over 100 homes in a few years. By employing a combination of real estate crowdfunding, assembly line manufacturing and new technology, we are able to provide some of the highest quality homes in Ghana at extremely reasonable prices. 

1909 Ford Model T

Our pricing is dynamic and is designed to reward early buyers. So only those customers who place their deposits with us quickly will receive discounted pricing which can be seen on our website. The price will increase toward the retail price with each purchase made. 

To provide us with the price discounts we plan to achieve, there are a few rules that customers will have to be Okay with that are different from buying a house using the current process. Below we explain those rules so you can determine if buying a home in our community is right for you. 



Buyers will not be able to purchase empty lots to build on or maintain as investment properties. Each lot is sold with a house and buyers will not be able to increase the lot size. Because our community has a focus on food first we will maintain a large amount of land to support the community food forest. So, while each home may only come with a small lot size, there will be an abundance of professionally managed land growing food throughout the community. The land which supports the food forest will be community owned and can never be separated from the community. So, while each individual may personally own a fairly small lot for their house, collectively they will be part of a community that owns hundreds of acres dedicated to agroforestry.


Buyers cannot make any design changes or alterations to the homes before they are built. This includes selecting special colors, tiles and other various finishings. Although customers may not realize it, small changes and customizations can greatly impact the cost of building a home. Again, to achieve our price savings, our method is similar to a condominium where the developer controls the entire process. However, for those customers who feel uncomfortable with this requirement, we assure you that the finished homes will all be equipped with high end finishings and very attractive neutral colors. If you need more assurance, just take a look at pictures from our model home by clicking here and it will give up a very good idea how your brand new home will look.  


Unless buyer is participating in a promo, all buyers are required to make an initial deposit of 30% of the total price to lock in their discounts. Once we finish constructing the walls of your home an additional 30% is required and another 30% payment is required once the roof is cast and the house is dried in. The final 10% is due upon completion. This payment plan is actually similar to many other developers and not out of the ordinary. However, many buyers from Western countries are used to paying mortgages. If you require a mortgage we can refer you to various banks in Ghana that may be able to assist you, but we suggest working out the finances ahead of time as that is not our specialty. 


Unless buyer is participating in a promo with a different delivery time, we require buyers to wait up to 24 months before receiving their homes. However, we may complete your home ahead of that schedule so it is up to each buyer to be financially ready to make their payments. Our goal is to deliver homes in 24 months, but another COVID19 lockdown could increase that time frame by 12 months.  


Migrating Culture Crossing will be governed by covenants which include a zero waste policy and mandatory recycling. This is a planned sustainable community and separating your waste and taking it to the community recycling facility or the bins will be required by all residents and visitors. 


Once we begin building, then customers will be allowed to choose which properties they prefer based on the order we received their deposits. Customers who paid first will naturally be given preference in choosing their location within the community. However, rest assured that every property will be similar and there will not be any bad locations to choose from. We’re confident that all the properties will absolutely exceed anyone’s expectations.